The General Administration of Customs continues to make efforts to promote steady growth in foreign

2020-08-18 18:00

The General Administration of Customs continues to make efforts to promote steady growth in foreign trade

Recently, in order to implement a series of policies and measures to promote stable growth of foreign trade issued by the Party and the State Council, curb the downward trend of foreign trade as soon as possible, and lay a solid foundation for further improvement of the foreign trade situation this year, the General Administration of Customs has sorted out and summarized the policies and measures already issued to ensure that the various policies and measures issued by the State Council are implemented effectively.

Further improve customs clearance and supervision services

1、 Accelerate the construction of a single window for international trade. Timely summarize and improve the experience of single window pilot projects, increase promotion efforts, expand enterprise participation, promote standardization and simplification of single window application data, and accelerate business process transformation for port law enforcement departments in a single window environment. Together with relevant departments, we will take the lead in radiating Shanghai's experience to Guangdong, Tianjin, and Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zones, and achieve the goal of promoting the construction of a single window in coastal ports by the end of the year.

2、 Promote the construction of a mechanism for sharing and sharing port information. Within the year, the "Management Measures for Data Sharing and Use of Member Units of the State Council Joint Conference on Port Work" will be introduced, and communication with tax and quality inspection departments will be accelerated at the work level. Based on the existing information sharing work, institutional arrangements for expanding information sharing and use will be studied.

3、 Optimize the inspection and supervision mechanism. Optimize the structure of inspection methods, fully utilize technological means, and gradually increase the proportion of non-invasive inspections. On the basis of risk analysis, dynamically adjust the inspection rate to further improve the pertinence and effectiveness of inspections. Vigorously promote the downstream supervision model, simplify the supervision process, and integrate customs supervision into logistics operations as much as possible.

4、 Continue to promote the "double random" sampling mechanism. Deepen the practical application of "double randomness" in customs control and inspection, improve the system for publishing the directory of spot checks, gradually increase the proportion of random control and inspection, and achieve a random control and inspection proportion of over 70% by the end of the year.

5、 Implement the reform of unified social credit codes. Implement the requirements of streamlining administration and delegating powers, simplify the registration of import and export enterprises, and promote the implementation of "one license, one code" and "three certificates in one" on schedule. On the basis of the current implementation of registration procedures for import and export enterprises using a unified social credit code, we strive to achieve the ability of enterprises to use an 18 digit unified social credit code for import and export customs declaration as soon as possible.

6、 Promote the establishment of duty-free entry shops at ports. Actively support the development of import duty-free shops at ports, and continue to accelerate the approval process for the establishment of import duty-free shops on the basis of the approved establishment of import duty-free shops at 5 ports, to facilitate domestic consumers to purchase foreign products domestically. Actively cooperate with relevant departments to study the policy issues of duty-free shops entering the port, and formulate specific plans for adding duty-free shops entering the port.

Further promote the innovative development of processing trade

1、 Actively innovate and replicate the customs supervision system of the free trade pilot zone. Actively promote the policy of selective tariff collection for domestic sales in the customs special supervision areas within the free trade pilot zone, and replicate and promote institutional innovations such as processing trade work order verification nationwide, promoting the aggregation of processing trade to customs special supervision areas.

2、 Promote the integration and optimization of customs special supervision areas. We will conscientiously implement the integration and optimization plan for customs special supervision areas, accelerate the integration from four aspects: types, functions, policies, and management, and focus on optimizing industrial structure, business formats, trade methods, and regulatory services. Support the establishment of comprehensive bonded zones in eligible large and medium-sized cities in the central, western, and northeastern regions, and accelerate the review and approval work of five comprehensive bonded zone projects, including Harbin, Changsha Huanghua, Zunyi, Wuhan Airport, and Kunming, Yunnan.

3、 Improve the management mode of processing trade. Improve the regulatory models for new business formats such as bonded maintenance, service outsourcing, and cross-border e-commerce, support the development of high-end manufacturing and related productive service industries, and encourage the extension of the processing trade industry chain upstream and downstream; Implementing tailored services tailored to the characteristics of industries such as large-scale equipment manufacturing and integrated circuits; Simplify the workflow of account book establishment (change), domestic sales, deep processing transfer, surplus material transfer, verification and closure, and cross material management.