Notice on Modification and Cancellation of Paperless Customs Declaration Form

2020-08-18 17:59

Notice on Modification and Cancellation of Paperless Customs Declaration Form

In order to deepen the integration of regional customs clearance and the paperless reform of customs clearance operations, and promote the paperless process of supporting customs clearance operations, the General Administration of Customs has launched paperless pilot projects for modifying and revoking import and export declaration forms nationwide. Starting from December 1, 2015, the HP2015 system in the four provinces of the Pearl River Delta was put into trial operation, and paperless processing of customs declaration modifications and cancellations began.

1、 What is the HP2015 system?

1. Customs clearance operation assistance system (currently online with the function of modifying and revoking customs declaration forms);

2. An important supporting system for the integration of customs regional clearance and the paperless reform of customs clearance operations;

3. Realize electronic data exchange and business operations with the electronic port pre entry system and H2010 customs clearance management system.

Kind reminder

Starting from March 1, 2016, customs across the country have fully implemented paperless modification and revocation of customs declaration forms. Except for those who are unable to handle modification or revocation of customs declaration forms through pre input systems due to technical reasons such as computer and network systems, customs will no longer handle modification and revocation business in paper form.

According to the Measures for the Administration of Revision and Cancellation of Customs Declaration Forms for Import and Export Goods of the People's Republic of China (Order No. 220 of the General Administration), the following three situations of revision and cancellation of customs declaration forms are included in paperless operations:

1. The enterprise initiates a revision (as shown in the flowchart);

2. Customs initiates the amendment and revocation (as shown in the flowchart);

3. Customs Direct Cancellation: After the review of the customs declaration form, the customs initiated a direct cancellation processing form in the HP2015 system. After approval, the customs declaration form cancellation operation was completed in H2010.